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Southport Church - SERVICES

Our Services

When Do Our Worship Services Take Place?

Our Pastor preaches expositional sermons from the different books of the Bible.  Our music is a blend of traditional and contemporary music. We love and still sing many of the old hymns of the faith as well as embrace some new contemporary material because they point to the praise and glory of God.  


We believe a Christian should worship the Lord every day and when we gather on Sunday it is a corporate expression of that every day worship.  


Worship Service times are 10:00 - 11:00 AM on Sundays.  


Wednesday Night at 7:00 PM are for Bible Study and Prayer. This is a time for teaching and for questions and answers. An excellent opportunity for learning and for spiritual growth.

What to Expect

We offer you the opportunity to join us for any of these services.  You will meet people who know the Lord, love the Lord, and will love you.  Sunday Bible Study classes are also offered at 9:00 AM by capable and experienced Bible teachers for all age groups.

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